09 décembre 2007

NEW :: Burial Hex (C-30) + M.B. (C-40) :: HATE SONG

HATE-004 Burial Hex - Gripster Killer (C-30) [img] http://777was666.com/hate004.jpg A comedy of Ritual Abduction in two parts Ltd.100. 1000 yen (ppd world) Distros - Fusetron, Molehill and Freak Animal ----------------------------------------------------------------------- HATE-005 M.B. - Untitled 1980 (C-40) [img] http://777was666.com/hate005.jpg The "UNTITLED 1980" tape is an old tape without title found from a friend of mine, and I called it "UNTITLED 1980" because it's without title. - Maurizio Bianchi ... [Lire la suite]
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